We don’t love, we only talk

we dont love we only talk

You can see the world is changing rapidly. With every new invention our life style is getting change. The meaning and definitions are changing. Feelings are no exception. In this era of smart phones we don’t love, we only talk.

Friends 🙂

He has a (smart)phone, she has as well.
He has her number, she has his number.
He greets her in the morning, she greets too.
He greets her in the afternoon, she greets too.
He greets her in the evening, she greets too.
He greets her in the night, she greets too.
He inquires about her happenings, she does too.

Best Friends 😀

He cracks jokes, she does too.
He shares his secrets, she shares too.
He talks with her daily, she talks too.
He knows everything about her, she knows too.

Just Friends 😉

He flirts with her, she does too.
He likes to talk with her, she likes too.
He thinks of her while talking, she thinks too.
He visualize her while talking, she visualize too.
He wait for her message, she waits too.
He worries if don’t receive her reply, she worries too.
He can’t hold himself back from talking to her, same is with her.
He can’t say goodbye to their conversation, same is with her.
He is always excited to hear from her, same is with her.
He don’t mind talking to her every minute, same is with her.

Love? Wo kya hota hai? o_O 😕

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I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems. Besides that, I am a day dreamer, lazy reader and patient listener. You live only once so, breath, smile, laugh and love. Thank you for passing by. Stay blessed. Cheers.

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