Let your words create a new world of your own.

Writing was never my hobby. Not it is even today. I write because it gives me immense pleasure. The urge to write comes from within and you just can’t control that. It is such an amazing thing to do because with every word you create something new and exciting. With words you can create memories as well as stories. Anything is possible with writing, it has no boundaries. Writing itself is a creative act and creativity flows as you start to pen down something.

In this particular section I share the information and knowledge I have about writing, especially the creative and technical. Both the forms fascinate me equally. I am learning the skills to write well in both the forms. You are welcome to join me to share your thoughts and experiences about writing.

I write poems as well. You can visit my another website Nishabd. Also, I have just started to test my technical writing skills and I write about blogging on this website named BlogNow.