Hello! My name is Pratik and I am the founder of Tech Journal – a technology blog.

I have learned so much from the internet and am grateful to the people who create such a useful content. The internet warriors who actively help people find the solutions to their problems are the source of my inspiration. I started Tech Journal because I wanted to share what I know with the world, about Computer and Internet technology.

The aim is to share my knowledge and experiences in the form of articles like:

How tos – A collection of articles focused on detailed information which should answer the favorite question we come across on most occasions i.e how to achieve something. The something could be anything relevant to topics the blog covers.

Best ofs – For every piece of hardware and/or software, there are many other competitive alternatives available in the market. In these articles, the variety of products doing the same thing will be compared with detailed information about their features, usability, etc.

Product / Service reviews – The user feedback is critical to the success of any product / service. It also plays a huge role in decision making of the future customers. These articles will provide you with the detailed review of the products / services based on my personal experience.

Best practices – Doing things in proper manner leads to less stress. These articles will provide you with best practices to follow while doing some tasks.

Recommendations – The articles will list the recommended products that may or may not be based on my personal experience.

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