A photograph is nothing but a frozen moment. It is true that photography requires special skills. Of all the skills, one I put at the top is the ability of a person to see beauty in everything. A person who can see the beauty in the world will easily manage to capture beauty in his/her camera. If you are not a professional photographer, there is no need to learn every technical aspect of photography. With good heart and ability to see beauty in everything, you can capture some great pictures. While I am not a professional photographer, I do click random photos of nature. I like to convey meaningful messages to the people through my photography. In this particular section, I share some of the pictures taken by me along with the background story and date. I had created this series as a part of my resolution, however later I decided to stick with it as I developed the love for the sound of camera click.


Moments of celebration

Type of photography – General Place – At home, Nashik Date – 30th September 2015 Time – Late Evening Background – It’s fine, I said when they suggested to celebrate my birthday later on...


Strength comes from within

Type of photography – Object Place – On the top of my house, Nashik Date – 19th September 2015 Time – Afternoon Background – I had to take shots of ongoing construction work at...


Idol of faith

Type of photography – Object Place – Vighnaharta Ganesh Idol selling booth, Nashik Date – 13th September 2015 Time – Night Background – We decided to go out with a purpose. We had to...


A guest

Type of photography – Animals Place – Backside of house Date – 26th July 2015 Time – Morning Background – Since last couple of days, a guest is visiting our house. My mom being...


Periwinkle duo

Type of photography – Nature Place – Roof of home Date – 7th Jun 2015 Time – Morning Background – It was surprising for my mom that I had woken up early in the...


Lamp of hope

Type of photography – Object Place – Home Date – 29th Mar 2015 Time – Late Evening Background – A surprised electricity cut and the whole world entered into darkness. I was unable to...