Special moments

You don’t remember days, you remember moments, the special moments.
Life is a series of moments, sometimes filled with joy and sometimes with sorrows. One little moment in a day holds the magic to set your mood for the rest of the day. I celebrate such special moments that come along in my day to day life. Everyone enjoys the little moments that make them happy. However, I cherish all those moments which ultimately create memories that lasts long. Moments that becomes special for some reason. The reason could be anything like a two minute call from your old friend or your dramatic escape from an accident. Living life in moments is what I very much believe in. In this section I write about the special moments from my life that always stays with me in the form of memories.

blood donation

The joy of giving blood

I had a great last day. I along with my friends donated blood at the blood donation camp held by us. Since the last few months we were working together to form a social...


Out of the blue

I still don’t know why he had called me up so early in the morning, I still don’t know whether it was planned before or happened in the mean while but one thing was...


Happy friendship day

I know you don’t like it when I do this but you see, you make me write and that is so wonderful thing about you guys. Do hate me for putting this over here...