Why did I choose Linux over Windows for my personal laptop?

I buy products online more than from physical stores. With online shopping come benefits that no one can resists. I have been a very satisfied online shopper for years now. I plan my purchase in advance or if I could not, I take time to research about the product before I buy. I bought my first ever laptop a couple of months ago from FlipKart. I was looking for a laptop with decent configuration in mid-range price earlier this year. Being a techno savvy, I have to gather information about the laptops trending among popular brands. It was going to be my personal laptop so I knew the kind of work I will be doing on it. Hence, I had all hardware requirements finalized before I started research.

To be honest, I felt disappointed seeing the prices of the products from popular brands. This is sad because it has been more than 10 years and I see no decline in the prices of the hardware that has barely improved over the years. I feel, the popular brands like HP, Dell, Acer can do a lot more in low to mid range price segment. I will discuss these things in more detail in future. So, within couple of months I had finalized two laptops which I found perfect and under my budget. Among the two laptops, one was from HP and other was from Dell. I delayed the purchase for a few days as I wanted to discuss about these two laptops with my brother before I buy one.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 hit the world hard and suddenly, electronic product prices went up. I had to change my decision to buy the laptop from the two finalized by me earlier. They were out of my budget now. I am very particular about spending money on electronic products. As technology continues to evolve, the electronic product you buy today seems outdated in the future. You need to upgrade it with time and again.

So, I had to look for another laptop and this time I decided to lower my expectations about the branding of the product. I was watching the trend closely and I can definitely say that this is the worst time to buy electronic products. In my post Covid-19 research, I observed an expected increase in the prices. All the popular brands had raised their product prices by 30-40% post pandemic. It was obvious as there was huge demand from the IT businesses. The India-China conflict caused the shortage of products in the Indian market during pandemic to make things worse.

However, In August I bought the laptop. It is a low price range laptop with decent configuration for my personal use. You can find more details about my laptop here.

Finally, I had my first ever laptop in my hand. I already had saved some bucks by avoiding the Windows version of the laptop. My laptop had Linux (Ubuntu version 19) pre-installed on it. Though, I have been fancy of Ubuntu and have used it in the past, I decided to switch to Manjaro Linux.

Why did I choose the Linux over Windows?

This article represents my personal point of view. In no aspect I want to make statement that Linux is better than Windows. I have been a Windows user for my life and I still use Windows on my other desktop computer. However, it is true that Linux is the best free alternative to Windows.

Open-source and free to use:

Linux is open-source software, which means anyone can use it for free. In fact, anyone can copy, change/improve and share the source code with other people. As it is a free, you pay no extra cost for the OS itself. Hence, the laptop with Linux will always be less expensive than its Windows variant. The difference of OS affects the final cost of the product.

Minimum hardware requirements:

The first Linux Kernel was brought to the world by Linus Torvalds in 1991. Since then, thousands of contributors helped build hundreds of distros of Linux. Also, the OS has improved a lot over the years. Currently, there are hundreds of distros available to download on the internet. You are free to download and use the Linux distro of your choice. Another advantage of Linux is that it requires minimum hardware than that for Windows to run smoothly. It takes less storage and consumes less memory to run without an issue. All in all its a lightweight OS which can bring your old computers to life.

Software/Apps availability:

The utility apps built for Linux also follows the same approach and philosophy. You will get all kind of softwares to get your work done in your day-to-day life at no extra cost. For example, you can use

Firefox instead of Chrome
LibreOffice instead of Microsoft office
Sublime text instead of Notepad
GIMP instead of Photoshop and so on.

Virus free:

I think, it won’t be an invalid statement if I say Linux is a virus-free OS. Yes, there are very less chances of Linux getting infected with viruses. It is different than Windows in many aspects. Its structure keeps no space for the viruses to enter in the system. At the end of the day, you feel stress-free and relax. You also save some bucks you would usually spend on antivirus software on Windows.

Documentation and support:

Should you face any difficulties running Linux, you can always refer to the knowledge base. Many Linux distros have well documented knowledge base that help users across the globe. Another good thing about Linux is their friendly support forums. You will find official support forum for the distro where you can interact and seek help from other
users to solve the issues. Last but not least, you will find thousands of how to guides on the internet. Just do the search and you will be presented with the possible solutions.

The philosophy behind Linux:

Linux is an “OS of the people, by the people and for the people”. I love the philosophy with which Linux continues to make the difference in the software industry. The people from all over the world come together to form hundreds of different communities, with one purpose of making the best OS that anyone can use for free. I can’t be more thankful to the contributors who work diligently for day and night to serve the world with an amazing software. They are the kind of real heroes we rarely appreciate.

Enhancing the knowledge:

There are tons of Linux based jobs that requires knowledge of Linux OS. Using Linux at home for personal use can help you learn basics of the OS. Of course the advance level skills like shell scripting are for the advance users. But, it is always good to get started with basics.

Fun to explore:

Linux is widely used software all over the world, in all possible industries, serving in some form or another. It might come to you as a surprise if you are an average computer user not belonging to technology field. I have used Linux during my college days and have even worked on it recently in my career. It is fun and easy to use. There is a lot to explore in Linux if one is willing to.

These are some of the reasons I chose Linux over Windows for my personal laptop. I will bring to you more informational articles about Linux in the coming days. If you have any feedback, queries or suggestions, let me know in the comment section.


Linux Distro: A Linux distribution (often abbreviated as distro) is an operating system made from a software collection that is based upon the Linux kernel and, often, a package management system.

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