It feels good to write. Especially when you are thinking of it all the time but not actually doing it. The reason could be anything and in my case, it has always been procrastination. Yes, life has not been easy in the last couple of years but that would be an excuse as I have never found stability in my life.

To be honest, I was always thinking of writing and there was no shortage of topics, ideas and/or events. It is just that I would not pick the keyboard and start typing. I also must confess that I found writing meaningless a few times in the past. It wasn’t making any sense to write during those times. My writing stats have also declined over the years but I am not bothered about that. The only thing I missed was writing. And today, I am finally breaking my silence and getting back to writing with great excitement. I am feeling very happy as I am pressing the keys on my laptop. You must be thinking why would I write today? And, what even made me write? Well, this blog-post is all about sharing the blog updates and my future writing plans with my readers (assuming I still have some of them over there). Keep reading to know more.

New Web Address / URL of my blog:

The first and very important update is about my personal blog “The Other Direction”. My blog was running on a self-hosted WordPress which means the URL to view the blog was “”. But, if you visit that URL now, which you are right now, there is nothing except this one blog-post. The reason is, I have moved my blog to new web address now. To visit and read my old as well as future blog-posts, you will need to visit “”. In short below is the change made from my side:

The Other Direction

Old URL:
New URL:

Blog subscription and updates:

As my personal blog has been moved to new web address, you will not receive any future blog-post updates via WordPress notification and/or email. But, you will continue to receive blog-post updates from my new blog “Tech Journal” which has taken place of “The Other Direction” including its web address. Below is the change to make it easier to understand.

The Other Direction

Old URL:
New URL:

And now is “Tech Journal” [existing followers will receive updates of this blog instead of old one] is “The Other Direction” [no updates until you follow/subscribe again]

I would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused to the followers of TOD. I tried to move the subscribers but technically it was not possible. Hence, the only way to receive future blog-post updates of my personal blog is by following it again. To make it easier to subscribe to my blog I am providing below:

  • Email subscription form link (to receive updates via email only – works for anyone who has email)
  • WordPress follow button link (to receive updates as WordPress notifications as well as email – you must be a user)

The Other Direction:

Subscribe to The Other Direction by Email

Visit The Other Direction and click Follow button placed on right on desktop devices / bottom on mobile devices

Like I mentioned before, as an existing follower you will receive post updates of my tech blog “Tech Journal” instead of personal blog “The Other Direction”. If you are interested to read content related to technology, then you can continue to follow it. No further action is needed. But, if you do not want to receive updates anymore from my tech blog, then you can refer to below article to know how to unsubscribe any WordPress blog.

The new readers who are visiting this blog for the first time and are interested to read my future blog-posts, you can follow and/or subscribe my blog below:

Tech Journal:

Subscribe to Tech Journal by Email

Click Follow button placed on right on desktop devices / bottom on mobile devices

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce my poetry blog for the very first time with my readers. This blog is also personal one but the content is different. I publish my poems and philosophical articles on this blog. You will find most of the content in my regional language here i.e. in Marathi. I would appreciate if you give a visit and follow it as well if you prefer to read the future content.


Subscribe to Nishabd by Email

Visit Nishabd and click Follow button placed on right on desktop devices / bottom on mobile devices

What content you can expect from my 3 blogs:

The migration of “The Other Direction” to different web address was intentional as I did not want it to look scattered. Yes, it hasn’t been about any particular niche till date but it is filled with content personal to me. I share equal thoughts when it comes to “Nishabd”. It is dedicated to poems I write. On the other hand, “Tech Journal” will have content dedicated to technology and productivity.

This is all as of now from my end. Do visit my blogs and let me know if you face any difficulty in viewing, following/unfollowing them.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the readers of my blogs. You keep me going and inspire me to write more. Thank you.
Hope you will enjoy reading the content from all my blogs. I will return with the new blog-post soon. Till then, take care and stay safe.

Pratik Akkawar

A data geek telling stories hidden within the data using the best Data Analysis & Visualization techniques and tools.

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