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Another year is about to over. I like these last few days of December as this is the time when I take a chance to look back into the past and at the same time, I look forward to have a fresh start at the beginning of the New Year. It is always important to look back and remind the things that we achieved and the things we lost throughout the year. A year is a big span; you spend each second, each minute, each hour, each day, each week and each month in different kind of mood, in different types of situations, with different faces at different places. Each moment you spent had a meaning and each moment counted. Throughout the year, we suffer through pain, we enjoy the happy moments, we cry, we smile, we laugh, we learn, we experience, we achieve, we lose and infinite stuff we do throughout the year. However, the value of a certain year is based on what we have achieved and what we have lost. You should look back and analyze what you have achieved and what you have lost last year. It will not only help you to plan the stuff for next year but also make you happy. Take off some time, seat back, relax and just think of those things that happened to you in the last year. I have lots of and lots of to share from this year but I am listing here only few of them.

My accomplishments in 2013:

  • Well, that was the big one; I got my first job in Jan 2013. I am still proud of me for that.
  • I bought my own domain and launched my own website (nishabd.com) which is a collection of my self-written stuff. It was something special and difficult too. I had never thought that I would do that, as I was not much sure about that. However, I did and still feeling happy for it.
  • I made new friends; yes, this is also an accomplishment and I am looking forward to this friendship.
  • This year, I learned a lot. Some of the things I learned about are WordPress, SEO, CSS, HTML, Photoshop, Web-hosting and C-panel. I know these all are related to technical field but the reason I am listing them here is because I have learned that by doing self-study. In short, I learned self-learning this year and it was nice experience to learn. I also learned about professional life after joining company and various things through my experiences, cannot list here all of them though.
  • I received a Cadbury as a compliment from our team leader for my work, which means I was good at work too.
  • I read couple of story books. Well reading had always been my weak point but slowly I am getting into that also.
  • That was another big achievement in my life. I bought a bike for myself. I always feel proud to tell that my bike is the outcome of my self-earned money.
  • I learned to ride the bike. It was not the small one too.
  • And, last but not the least, I started blogging or I would say I started writing. I wrote poems, articles and quotes too. It always feels good to write.

My losses in 2013:

  • I lost my beautiful and innocent cousin sister this year. It was very unfortunate and painful too. I will always miss her. May her soul rest in heaven!
  • I lost one of my little cats. I will miss her too.
  • I lost my belief in current saints and faith in humanity.
  • I lost my interest in lots of things, the list is short but I am not going to put it here.

That’s set. This is what the year 2013 was all about for me. I have mentioned only things that I remembered at this moment but the moments were countless and if I would have listed each of them the lists would be much longer that these. However, overall this year was quite good and fruitful for me. I enjoyed a lot throughout the year and hoping to have more fun in the upcoming year. Have you looked back into the past? What were your accomplishments and losses? I would like to hear this from you, so do not hesitate to comment and share your experience.

Look back and feel. Cheers !!!

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Pratik Akkawar

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems. Besides that, I am a day dreamer, lazy reader and patient listener. You live only once so, breath, smile, laugh and love. Thank you for passing by. Stay blessed. Cheers.

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