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It is just at the corner. A brand new year is waiting for us and so as we. Do not know why but right now, I am getting a feeling that the year twenty fourteen is going to become one of the great years of mine. May be it is because I am so excited about 2014 or because I am going to do something that I have never done before. Later has more sense as I am already about to do something new, starting with having resolutions set for year 2014. Let me think over again, umm.. yeah really never have done this before. In fact I never believed in making the resolutions for the New Year. There are quite a few reasons why I never did this before

  • First is resolutions are indirectly the promises we make with ourselves and if we failed to keep them then it would surely hurt us from within.
  • Second one, with resolutions we get ourselves engaged into some kind of rules to live with or you can say they can be sometimes called restrictions if not set properly.
  • Third one, I just did not have enough courage to make resolutions.
  • And last is, I did not like to make any of them.

However, this year, I came to realize the importance of making resolutions. It is not a bad idea at all if you take it in a positive manner. I think I just had the negative approach towards making resolutions. Let’s define resolution and reasons why you should make them.

Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves, a deal you can say. A deal with ourselves, in which we try to satisfy our mind by doing exactly what our minds wants us to do. A resolution helps us to create inspiration within us that would keep us going through out the time span we have set it for. A resolution is a challenge to ourselves. A resolution makes us believe in ourselves.

So, why one should make New Year resolutions? Well, following points may help you to consider making them

  • A resolution made will keep you going throughout the year.
  • It will bring hope, belief and faith in you.
  • It will motivate and inspire you to achieve what you wanted.
  • It will teach you importance of time.
  • It will increase your patience.
  • It will help you to become more responsible person.
  • It will make your life more organized and better one.

Believe me there are so many that one can’t list them so find the one suitable for you.

What resolutions to make?

There is no rule to what resolution you should make. A resolution can be anything that you want to. You can make resolution to work hard to achieve your goals in given time span, to quit something bad in you like to quit smoking or drinking or just to improve your living lifestyle by doing better than previous. Make a resolution to bring a change in you but that also in positive way.

My New Year Resolutions for 2014:

Well, I am doing this first time so I would like them to keep simple. Here they are

  • Publish at least two articles per week on my personal blog
  • Keep writing articles, poems and quotes on my website
  • Start technical and creative writing
  • Learn a bit of survey programming
  • Read at least 5 story books
  • Daily Workout (this is an optional one ;))

New Year Resolutions made and kept for a year will definitely bring you happiness at the end of the year. Make them wisely and take them seriously. You will either break a resolution or they will make you, better and improved. Choice is yours. So, what resolutions you have made for this brand new year 2014. Do share your thoughts, opinions and experiences about New Year Resolutions with me. If you liked this article, don’t forget to like or share this on social network sites with links given below.

Make at least one! Cheers!!!

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Pratik Akkawar

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